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      The company is Shandong Yiqiyi Technology R&D Center, Taian Auto Body Attachment Engineering Technology Research Center, Taian Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, Taishan Academician Expert Workstation, Taian Glass Lifting System Engineering Laboratory, Taian City Window Lifting System Industry Technical Research Institute.

     The company's design software is complete,  through physical modeling, motion simulation, finite element analysis and other means to ensure data accuracy and product reliability. The company also maintains technical cooperation with universities such as Shandong University and Shandong University of Science and Technology to ensure iterative renewal of processes and technologies.


     The company's technical department has 17 professional glass lifter design engineers, all of whom have university education, 11 middle and senior professional titles, and 2 external industry experts. The R&D personnel have strong technical strength and outstanding innovation ability. They have obtained patents by 2024. 39 items, and won many provincial, city and county awards.

At present, the company has completed the upgrading and upgrading of the traditional lifter, from the simple lifting function to the integration, the module is fast, can replace the traditional door inner panel structure, and complete the research and development design and mass production of the anti-pinch module of the intelligent lifter. Anti-clip, remote control, soft stop and other functions, and can reserve the LIN function, so that more functions can be expanded later.

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