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Taian sheng Thai auto parts Co., LTD products are sold all over the country

  Taian shengtai automobile parts co.,ltd is a joint venture founded in 1999,which is a prodes-sional producer of auto pars. the company is located in taian,shandong province. it is in the south of china's most famous mount ---mountain tai.the company is also near the cuiture holyland-qufu city --- the home town of confucius. this is an excellent location with good accesses particularly as the jinghu speedway, the jingfu speedway,the NO.104 Country Road abd jingfu Railway are all in the around area. So the transportation is very convenient and the surrouding there is very beautiful. The coupany has advanced equip-ments, including advanced guides product line, assembly line for window regulat, checking and etesting equipment for regulators and so on. At present,we mainly produce three types of manual and electric window regulators for approximately 20 types of automobile, and we supply many leading domestic car manufacturers. our products includes the cross-arm regulator, the fully enclosed cord-wheel regulator and the flexible cable regula-tor. the yearly output of our company is 2,000,000 pieces.

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